31 July - cloudy occasionaly shower

I took my children to Toys"r"us by bus. As it was around 1 p.m. when we got off the bus, we went into McDonalds first. They were very pleased to eat there, but I thought chips were very salty. At Toys"r"us they enjoyed to view a lot of items. I had to buy a birthday present for my daughter's friend, so I encouraged her to select one. She examined one by one and finally found a very pretty horse toy. It was a bit surprise to me because she didn't ask me to buy the same one for her. Oh, but she asked me to buy a small stuffed toy dog instead of it... I tried to let her rethink because she had already had a lot of stuffed toys, but she was stubborn. I thought I had no plan to take them anywhere this summer and it was much cheaper to buy toys than to take a trip anywhere. Therefore, I bought a small stuffed toy dog and a small toy car for them. Yes, I know I might have been wrong, but I had been usually a strict mum. I was an easy mum just for today. It is good for a change, isn't it?

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I'm very sorry for my leaving so long. Oh, I have a good news for us, my daughter still enjoys her toy dog. As she doesn't ask me to buy more stuffed toys, it is the last dog so far.

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At least you made your kids happy for a week or two, or whenever they get bored with playing with their new toys, as most children do. It's good to be spontaneous once and a while.

Well, I hope you and your children are enjoying the summer!

- Jest.



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