21 July - sunny

It was a lovely day again. But I couldn't do the garden job because the order might come. I didn't know when they came. In addition, some job agent called me by turns. As I uploaded my CV last Saturday, they might find mine this morning. I didn't like telephoning, but I had to for the job hunt. I hope I can get a job which meets my requirement.

I took my children to the library. My boy found a book for this week and my girl found 3 picture books for today. I'll go there only with my girl tomorrow.

My new PC didn't come today. But the order from Japanese Food Company was delivered in stead of it. My son was interested in the contents and helped me to check them up. He was pleased when he found REI-MEN, which he loved to eat every summer.

So, I couldn't go to the English lesson today, As I have another appointment tomorrow, I have to be absent again. It will be great if my new PC comes tomorrow because I can go on Wednesday.

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> Noirchan

I nearly type your name "NORI"chan by mistake. Thanks for your comment and kindness and sorry to make you a bit confused. I set my blog to avoid unwanted comment and protect my friends come here. Anyway, it's very nice to list blogs written in English! I'll go there again soon. Thank you indeed.


Good work on your English it's very good. I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I added your blog to a listing that I have on my site.

If you would like for me to remove it just let me know! Thank you!



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