19 July - mainly cloudy, occasionary sunny and shower

I was busy today, I ordered my PC at DELL Online Shop. My order will be delivered on or before 31 July. Great.

I tidied up the lawn in my garden which had been left for a long time. I and my husband had been busy these weeks, so our garden was very wild... I had a mower but it was lack of its engine oil and didn't work. I had to use a electric cutter today. It was very easy to use, but took a long time to finish. I understood why there was a mower in the world.

I was going to plant my daughters flower, but I couldn't because of my fatigue. I'll do it tomorrow.

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> Jest

Thank you for your comment. My garden is not matured but has trees. So I'd like to make a flower bed under them. As I don't like bees, I must decide which flower I should plant... I look forward to see you here. Ta-ta.


What kind-of garden do you have? What do you grow in it? Are they just bushes and flowers, or do you have some that produce fruits and vegetables?

Your English is well. Good job!

- Jest.



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