Diary on 2 Jan 2009

People and shops start working as usual on 2 Jan every year. The Christmas is more important than the New Year Day in U.K. and that is what I still feel somewhat out of place. Therefore my husband went to work. On the other hand, my children were still on holidays.

I started my homework which was the leftover of the last year. I have a lot of things to do everyday but I'd like to find my spare time, even a little while. Step by step, one goes far!

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1 Jan 2009

The new year has begun! I watched the New Year Count Down program on BBC1 with my family. The fireworks were just brilliant. I love fireworks!

I cooked OZONI for breakfast. My daughter didn't like it but others loved and enjoyed it. I said my new year's resolution in front of them.

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31 July - cloudy occasionaly shower

I took my children to Toys"r"us by bus. As it was around 1 p.m. when we got off the bus, we went into McDonalds first. They were very pleased to eat there, but I thought chips were very salty. At Toys"r"us they enjoyed to view a lot of items. I had to buy a birthday present for my daughter's friend, so I encouraged her to select one. She examined one by one and finally found a very pretty horse toy. It was a bit surprise to me because she didn't ask me to buy the same one for her. Oh, but she asked me to buy a small stuffed toy dog instead of it... I tried to let her rethink because she had already had a lot of stuffed toys, but she was stubborn. I thought I had no plan to take them anywhere this summer and it was much cheaper to buy toys than to take a trip anywhere. Therefore, I bought a small stuffed toy dog and a small toy car for them. Yes, I know I might have been wrong, but I had been usually a strict mum. I was an easy mum just for today. It is good for a change, isn't it?

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28 July - a lovely sunny morning

Long time no see!

I've been busy for these 7 days. I had to set up my new PC and got some work to do. I've just finished them this morning, so I'll keep my diary like before.

What I would like to tell you most is my new PC. It has more power and is much silent. Now I'm trying to connect my old small monitor to it. With dual display, I spent less time on my work.

Oh, yes. I planted 3 small trees by the fence in the front garden. I'm going to lay Cotwald's stones on the rest of the space.

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21 July - sunny

It was a lovely day again. But I couldn't do the garden job because the order might come. I didn't know when they came. In addition, some job agent called me by turns. As I uploaded my CV last Saturday, they might find mine this morning. I didn't like telephoning, but I had to for the job hunt. I hope I can get a job which meets my requirement.

I took my children to the library. My boy found a book for this week and my girl found 3 picture books for today. I'll go there only with my girl tomorrow.

My new PC didn't come today. But the order from Japanese Food Company was delivered in stead of it. My son was interested in the contents and helped me to check them up. He was pleased when he found REI-MEN, which he loved to eat every summer.

So, I couldn't go to the English lesson today, As I have another appointment tomorrow, I have to be absent again. It will be great if my new PC comes tomorrow because I can go on Wednesday.

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