homework on 3 Jan

vocabulary: page 4 to 5
IELTS grammar: not yet

After all, I couldn't work for IELTS today. I should have started earlier...

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homework on 2 Jan

Grammar for IELTS
entry test: the result was 42/50.
-> chapter 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 19, 22 and 25.

vocabulary: page 2 to 3

Names and phrasal verves


pseudonym 'p' is the silent
stage name
maiden name
nom de plume

user name
name dropping
plain Jane
call someone names
name the day
Tom, Dick and Harry

<Phrasal Verbs>

go down in history
fall out with somebody
come in/out of fashion
hand down
fall out of favour
catch on = become popular

= famous
= popular
= in the spotlight
= well-recognised
= at the height of his fame
= well-reknown
= much talked about
= celebrited
= his name is on everyone's lips
= legendory

to be in a difficult situation
= to be in trouble
= have a big trouble
= stumbling block
= in an awkward situation
= no-win situation (win-win situation)
= make may life difficult
= has his ups and downs
= vicious circle
= in a tight spot
= gives me a hard time
= at a loss
= catch-22
= poses considerable problem

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