A Happy New Year

Long time no see. I came back here with being cool.

I know I can stick to nothing, but 2009 has just begun. It is the goot oppotunity to restart anything, isn't it?

I'd like to set my own objects this year because I usually lost mine in my daily life. Yes, this is my new year's resolution.

1: I'll do my best to keep a diary in English.
2: I'll take an IELTS General exam and get a grade more than 5.5.
3: I'll get the permanent job in UK!

People expect the economy in UK will be the worst after the war this year. I understand it is much difficult to get a job, but I need to work ASAP. I realize to clear these objects with my best effort.

Did you make any new year's resolution? And what are they?

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